I am not a professional and I will never be one. I began cycling touring back in 2010 while backpacking in Australia, I planned to get a ''Working Holiday Visa'' get a job for few months and safe enough cash and start bikepacking (from Perth to the Gold coast). When I told my family and friends what I had in mind they all told me that I was insane and what I was attempting to do was not possible. Not because cycling in Australia is not possible, because I had no training, never cycled more than 20km, and that I did not know anything about traveling on a bicycle.

I worked few months in a restaurant cleaning dishes and even got a second job working for Greenpeace, the cost of living in Australia is pretty high, I did not save much money but I was determined to fulfill my goal. I bought the cheapest decent bike I could found and a crappy trailer on Amazon and was ready to go.

10 years later, I have cycled nearly 21 000km across 16 countries and do not plan on stopping anytime soon. Below I will give you the best tips to help you organize your next bike trip. stay tuned:




Finding Accommodation while Bike touring

If you traveling by bicycle you may want to try Warmshower, they are a non-profit social networking service established worldwide similar to Couchsurfing but mostly for people engaging in bicycle touring to arrange homes-stays or simply allowing travelers to pitch their tent for the night. I have personally hosted & being host many times, met incredibly generous human beings, and broaden my knowledge with cycling touring significantly. 

If you are the kind of person that likes a bit more comfort or simply did not take a shower for the past week and need to chill out few days before to hit the road again, HostelWorld has the largest inventory of hostels in the world, with millions of reviews from fellow backpackers. Agoda is also a great deal and has lots of advanced search and filters for finding hostels, hotels, and unique accommodation.

Airbnb could also be a great option, it has been a game-changer in our travel style! It’s allowed me to stay in some pretty dope places aside from the fact that you will get access to things like a kitchen and a larger living space.

If you’re looking for an Airbnb coupon code instantly get $45 off your next Airbnb booking (regardless if you’re a new user or if you already have an account.)

Bikepacking Insurance 

As for any trip abroad, it is crucial to take out travel insurance. World Nomads is the company recommended by Lonely Planet.

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