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What is a Co-Working spaces?

Co-Working spaces. Are you looking for a place to work, network, and participate in the local business community? Well, worry no more, because we have created a comprehensive list of the best coworking spaces in the world just for that!

Whether you need to meet with other business professionals, digital nomads or collaborate on independent projects with your partners, Co-Working spaces are the prime location. They boost your creativity, increase your productivity, and are much more cost-efficient than renting a whole office space.

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Asia has become a great market to coworking spaces. The startup ecosystem is developing faster than other regions and it’s a great place to live and work with talent pools, affordable lifestyles, delicious street food and amazing beaches. Therefore, coworking is not just for locals, but for digital nomads and entrepreneurs who come to this continent from around the globe to not just visit Asia as a travelling destination but to work too. 

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Stylish, relaxed environments kitted out with high-tech, connected equipment, and lively, bustling meeting places: new-generation hotels have cottoned on to the fact that offering coworking spaces as part of a hotel's facilities is exactly what business travellers are looking for.

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America - USA

The style of coworking (not to be confused with co-working) allows small teams and lone freelancers to work together in a single, shared office environment. This concedes the opportunity for collaboration with others in the realm of design, law, business, finance, development, and marketing.

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On the hunt for the best co-working spots in Oceania? Look no further. With the arrival of mobile devices, super fast WiFi connections and a new way of thinking about how we do business, co-working has seen a huge explosion in popularity over the last decade

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AfricaWorks offers entrepreneurs, SMEs, and multinational companies flexible office spaces across major African capitals.

Our mission is to unlock Africa’s business potential by providing high-quality office solutions and in turn creating vibrant and successful business communities across the continent.

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