Backpacking in Europe

Europe is one of the most popular regions on earth for traveling. You’ll find multiple cultures, delicious food, languages, architectural styles, and diverse natural beauty. The standard of living in Europe is high which means that you are going to need a bit more budget if you plan a long term trip there. 

How to Travel Around Europe

Cities in Europe aren't very far from each other and there are multiple transport options for travelers available to get you to your next destination. It will depends on your traveling style, are you a solo traveler? traveling with your boyfriend/girlfriend or with the whole family? It will also depend on the length of your trip, the longer it will be the more costly it will be. ,


In my opinion, traveling by train is a great option if you have time. Train travel is usually the fastest way between 2 cities, the TGV test train set the world record for the fastest wheeled train, reaching 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph) on 3 April 2007. Conventional TGV services operate up to 320 km/h (200 mph), For example, it will take you only 3H36 from Paris to Marseille. Because of high-speed trains and the fact that the train stations are usually located in the center of town.  It is sometimes even faster than flying.

However, train tickets can also be very cheap sometimes. I remember flying from France to Ireland for 25 euros one way ($28usd) Check airlines like Ryanair, Norwegian Air Shuttle, or Easyjet, if you book your flight in advance you can find some really good deals.

A popular website and app among the locals are Omio It will search for train, bus, and flights and compares overall travel times and prices. You can use it to find out the best way to get from A to B when backpacking around Europe.

A Rail Pass from Euro Train might be the right choice for you if you plan on taking lots of train journeys in a short amount of time. If bus travel is more your style, there’s a hop-on/hop-off bus tour company in Europe called Busabout designed for backpackers. It’s a great option for those backpacking Europe alone.

If you dream of a road trip in Europe and want to do it all by yourself, renting a car could the best option for you, you can use Discover Car to search multiple car rental agencies in Europe for the best deal. And finally, if you’re hoping to travel a large distance in a short amount of time, you can find cheap flights on the popular site jetradar, or the longtime backpacker favorite, Skyscanner. or CheapOair

Finding Accommodation in Europe

CouchSurfing is a great community that connects travelers with local hosts but since 2020, you now need to pay a fee to be able to use it. If you traveling by bicycle you can also use Warmshower, they are also established worldwide. 


If you are the kind of person that likes to reserve your hotel before to arrive HostelWorld has the largest inventory of hostels in the world, with millions of reviews from fellow backpackers. Agoda is also a great deal and has lots of advanced search and filters for finding hostels, hotels, and unique accommodation.

Airbnb has been a game-changer in our travel style! It’s allowed us to stay in some pretty dope places all over the world for a fraction of the price. Aside from the fact that we get access to things like a kitchen and a larger living space, booking an Airbnb more often than not is CHEAPER than a hotel.

If you’re looking for an Airbnb coupon code, click the yellow button below and instantly get $45 off your next Airbnb booking (regardless if you’re a new user or if you already have an account.)

Tours and Activities in Europe​

Get your Guide is a popular site to book tours, skip the line tickets for crowded sites, or just to get ideas of common activities in various locations. Civitatis & Tour Radar are had similar activities and tour search website.​

Backpacking Insurance for Travel in Europe​

As for any trip abroad, it is crucial to take out travel insurance. World Nomads is the company recommended by Lonely Planet.

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