10 Awesome places to visit on your next adventure to Malaysia

Updated: Jun 1

10 Best Places to Visit in Malaysia...

Malaysia is the crowning jewel that lies at the very end of Southeast Asia, jutting out with the Malacca Straits to meet the islands of Indonesia and the Java Sea.

On the western side sits built-up Malaya; the old stronghold of British colonial power that’s now buzzing with electric Kuala Lumpur and multicultural UNESCO towns in Penang.

On the eastern side is wild and mist-topped Borneo. Here, orangutans swing in the primeval forests, ancient volcanic domes loom overhead, beaches are trodden by turtles instead of sunbathers, and rustic fishing towns spill into the South China Sea.

Just a glance at this magical country is enough to see why so many opt to travel there, whether they come for the verdant reaches of the tea-scented Cameron Highlands, the pearly waters of Redang islands & Perhentians, the fabulous Petronas Towers of the capital, the historic relics of Malacca – the list goes on…

Lets explore the best places to visit in Malaysia:

1. Kuala-Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia, boasting gleaming skyscrapers, colonial architecture, charming locals, and a myriad of natural attractions. Divided into numerous districts, its main hub is called the Golden Triangle which comprises Bukit Bintang, KLCC and Chinatown. KL is widely recognized for numerous landmarks, including Petronas Twin Towers (the world’s tallest twin skyscrapers), Petaling Street flea market, and Batu Caves, which is over 400 million years old.

With frequent sales events throughout the year, expansive shopping malls like Pavilion KL and Suria KLCC are also among the biggest tourist attractions in the city, hosting a wide range of upmarket labels from all over the world. Plus, if you need more reason to love Kuala Lumpur, there is the abundance of gastronomic delights – with thousands of hawker stalls, cafes, and restaurants serving every imaginable type of delicacies.

2. Malacca

Malacca is the historical state of Malaysia, rich with heritage buildings, ancient landmarks and colonial structures. It was here that colonial forces first made contact with Malaysia, which eventually shaped the country into its current economic and political system.

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Today, in Malacca, you can still see the imprints of British, Dutch and Portuguese forces left behind in forts, museums, churches and towers. Visit Malacca for the cultural experience of a lifetime.

3. Penang

We start off with the obvious. Penang has long been known globally as one of the most popular tourist destinations ever. From mouth-watering street food and hawker fare to iconic locations such as the Penang Hill and the hip and trendy street murals in Georgetown, the city is more or less the poster boy of Malaysian tourism.

Steeped in history and adorned with modern skyscrapers, Penang is a cultural cauldron of tradition and modernity. Definitely a world-class holiday destination and a must-visit for any self-respecting traveler in Malaysia!

4. Ipoh Perak

Ipoh is the capital city of Perak state on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia. There are 5 nicknames for ipoh: The Town Built on Tin and City of Millionaires referring to the vast fortunes made during the boom of the tin-mining industries. Affectionately called Paloh till today by the local Chinese, referring to the gigantic mining pumps used for early tin ore extraction. The Bougainvillea City referring to Bougainvillea as the symbol flower of the city. The Hill City referring to Ipoh being central and surrounded by hills. But now most the people called Paloh and The Hill City became a town name.

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5. Kuching Sarawak

Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak which is part of East Malaysia and is located on the wider island of Borneo. Anyone who has been to Peninsular Malaysia will find that Sarawak has a very different feel, and Kuching in particular, thanks to its strategic location on the snake-like Sarawak River, is one of the prettiest spots in the region.

The city is known for being the home of a number of indigenous groups such as the Iban and the Dayaks, and people flock here to learn more about the unique culture found in this part of Malaysia. For many visitors, the highlight of a visit to Borneo is the chance to visit a traditional longhouse and see how people would have lived here in the days of old. History buffs can also spend time checking out the wide range of museums in town as well as the elegant buildings, many of which date from the colonial period.

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5. Langkawi

Langkawi is an archipelago made up of 99 islands on Malaysia’s west coast. Surrounded by turquoise sea, the interior of the main island is a mixture of picturesque paddy fields and jungle-clad hills. If you’re intent on carting off duty-free alcohol, cigarettes and chocolate, then this is the place to be. Still, nature lovers will find the island just as agreeable as the shoreline is fringed by powder-fine sand and swaying coconut trees.

The island is especially recognized for its excellent diving opportunities and this tropical gem hides a treasure trove of other exciting holiday opportunities. From the expansive Underwater World Langkawi along Pantai Cenang to the soaring Cable Car in Pantai Kok, Langkawi is an electrifying locale that keeps visitors coming back for more.

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6. Cameron Highland

Cameron Highlands in Pahang is one of Malaysia's most popular tourist destinations, a collection of peaceful townships perched 1500 meters high on a nest of serene mountains. Cooling resorts, tea plantations and strawberry farms sprawl lazily across lush valleys and meandering hillslopes, the perfect setting for a relaxing holiday.

The sea of tranquility, pleasant landscapes and cold climate impart a special experience upon the multitudes of visitors each year. Meanwhile, a different world lies hidden away among the natural surroundings - a rainforest ecosystem rich with the wonders of nature, long held with fascination by researchers and naturalists across the world. Book a bus to get there

7. The Perhantians Islands

Let’s enjoy the most beautiful island in Malaysia, Perhentian Islands. Discover the magnificent marine life under the crystal clear water. Feel the South China Sea hot air breezing and relax on the white sandy beach under the sun.

Open from March to the end of October, Perhentian Islands located 21 km off coast of Terengganu, Peninsular Malaysia, attracts thousands of tourists every year.  Rooms are limited especially on public holidays or peak season in June, July and August. To travel conveniently, book our Fullboard or Halfboard or Islands Hopping  package today.

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8. Taman Negara

Taman Negara is a vast national park in Malaysia on the Malay peninsula. It encompasses a sprawling tropical rainforest that's said to be 130 million years old. Kuala Tahan, the main entry point, is a base for the nearby canopy walkway, river trips and treks through the jungle to the top of Mt. Tahan. The park is home to tigers, macaques and birdlife, as well as the enormous flowers of the rafflesia plant.

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9. Mount Kinabalu

Mountain Kinabalu is a mountain located at the West Coast Division of Sabah, Malaysia. It is protected as Kinabalu Park, a World Heritage Site. Kinabalu is the highest peak in Borneo's Crocker Range and is the highest mountain in the Malay Archipelago as well as the highest mountain in Malaysia.

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10. Secret Chilling Waterfall

Chiling Waterfall is one of the most spectacular and impressive waterfalls in Selangor. To get there you need to walk for about an hour and wade across the Chiling River five times so you need to have a sense of adventure and not mind getting wet. When you finally reach the waterfall (actually three falls) it is well worth the effort.

Chiling Waterfall is located in a reserve called the Sungai Chiling Fish Sanctuary, a fisheries research project run by the Selangor State Fisheries Department.

The entrance is on the road from Kuala Kubu Baharu to The Gap/Fraser's Hill. Shortly after passing the Selangor Dam and reservoir you will cross a small steel bridge over the Chiling River. There is a parking area just after the bridge and the entrance is on the right side of the road.

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