10 Signs You Are Undeniably A Travel Addict

Travelling is awesome, we all agree on that. But there is a difference between a person who enjoys to travel now and then and a fully grown travel addict. Are you the latter?

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

I remember the first time I went abroad, I was only 21 years old and never flew abroad either, I was sacred but existed at the same time, i knew deep down that i was meant to travel. Since can look back on I always talk about traveling to my parents and telling them that I wanted to see the world ( Not as a tourist but as an adventurer / explorer), reading books like The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho would really open your mind and makes you want to see the world.

1. You can sleep anywhere and everywhere

From hostels and hotels to train stations and airports, nothing is stopping you from getting that much-needed shuteye. You can probably even sleep on cue stick and you will not care about what people think. Yep, sleeping wherever you want, whenever you want is something you’re good at and even have down to a science.

Sleeping in my tent on an abandoned house in Croatia...

2. You can eat anything and everything

If you’re a travel addict, chances are you’re a daredevil and adventurer when it comes to trying new and exotic foods. And you probably douse everything with hot sauce – even hot foods. In fact, studies have shown that adventure-seeking people are way more likely to eat spicy foods than non-adventurous people. Makes sense though, doesn’t it? But some people we not only try spicy food, they will go beyond that and trying food that you may have never think about, I let you watch my food experience while traveling in the Philippines back in 2010. Comment below if you will dare try "Balut" I personally will never eat it again.

3. You can breeze through airport security faster than a TSA agent can say “Passport please”

No one had to tell you to take your shoes off and remove your laptop from your backpack at the baggage check – because you were on top of your game. And there’s no fumbling your things at the pickup. For you, it’s just grab and go!

4. You’re a packing pro

In fact, you’re probably so good at it, you can stuff a whole week’s worth of clothes (plus more) into a single backpack and still be perfectly content. Of course, this takes years of practice, and if you’re addicted to travel, you’re bound to master this very useful skill. If you ever travel to South East Asia I highly recommend you to check our Packing list to help you on your future adventure.

5. You have friends from every corner of the globe

You probably have more friends abroad than you do at home, which isn’t extremely uncommon and makes for a much more interesting, diverse set of friends. Also, it seems that wherever you travel, you always have a go-to person, which is not only convenient of you, but also a way to make your trip much more fulfilling, memorable, and enjoyable.

Mullumbimby Australia 2010

6. You have a travel savings account

Traveling is expensive, and while you may not be the wealthiest person alive, it’s a way of life. You’ll do anything to make your travel dreams come true, whether it’s getting yourself a part-time job, living frugally to save money, or even opening a travel savings account. You gotta do whatcha gotta do! When I first started traveling, I worked as an entertainer in the Bahamas, Spain & Cyprus, entertainer sound to be a really cool job and it is but "tourist" see the only good part of it, waking up early and going to bed very late. Entertainer job is really fun and you will meet incredible people but keep in mind that you can't count your hours.

Lanzarote - Spain 2006

7. You watch travel documentaries and you are an expert on movies related to travel more than anyone else.

Everybody knows about the Travel Channel, but few people watch it religiously like you do. You’ve probably also watched your fair share of travel and adventure documentaries on Netflix – or “Youtube” certain places you wanted to visit. When you’re not on the road, at least you’re in the “mode”. Let me give a list of my favorite travel movies and let see if you will agree with on that: 1- Into the wild, 2- The secret life of Walter Mitty, 3- Seven years in Tibet... Which is your favorite movie? Comment below !

8. You read travel books more than you read classic novels

You love to read, at least when it comes to Lonely Planet and The rough guide travel guides. You have an expert, at when it comes to names of cities on the Trivia pursuit board game. You certainly got inspired by people like Jack London when you were young and wanted to follow his foot steps.

9. You’re low maintenance

This means that you’re never spending frivolously or depending on other people for your well-being, and you never really want anything that’s not a bare essential. As a seasoned traveler, you’ve mastered the art of self-sufficiency, an attribute that’s helped you not only as a traveler, but also as a person.

Annapurna Circuit - Nepal 2008

10. Always willing to help the unfortunate

As a traveler you may see the world differently as you have been to so many different places and spend time with people with different culture, different way of living... You have seen people living with nothing and give you everything so when it comes to help other you are always on the first row.

Feeding the Homeless in Kuala-Lumpur

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