8 Must-have accessories for the backpacker

In addition to the 5 previous accessories, here is a kit of 8 accessories particularly useful when you travel only with your backpack. Fans of youth hostels and bus or tuk-tuk transportation, this selection is for you!

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1 - A cushion (inflatable or memory foam)

travel pillow

Here is the one that could become your best friend during any long distance flight, but also bus trip, tuk-tuk or slow-boat on the Mekong. For a few extra grams in your bag, this accessory could save you many hours of sleep, or prevent you from a good torticollis (or buttocks pain). A must-have I tell you!

The most cozy ones will turn to the memory foam cushions, while the ones who are addicted to small space will prefer an inflatable version (like the Decathlon model).

7 € to 50 € depending on the model

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2 - A pair of earplugs

apple earplug

The little sisters of the inflatable pillow. We can't necessarily bear to put them on at the beginning, but if it can prevent you from enjoying the nightly madness of your hostel, or the Vietnamese movie broadcasted at full volume in the bus of Hanoi, well believe me, we adopt them very quickly!

To protect your little ears as well as the planet, prefer reusable models! And if the foam is not suitable, try the wax models.

5 € to 20 € depending on the model

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3 - A double jack cable

double jack cable

The ultimate sharing accessory! No, you don't need to buy two MP3 players or two iPads. This little accessory will give you all that for less than 10 €. Okay, if there's a rock fan and an electro fan, it won't work... Very useful to share music, movies and series during long trips without bothering the neighbors.

Make sure you check the connectivity of your devices before buying. The same adapters exist in lightning or USB C, allowing you to listen to your music and charge at the same time!

5 € to 20 € on average

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4 - Portable travel strip

Travel plug

We often forget it and we quickly regret it! The one that we use every day at home will be particularly useful when you travel, whether you decide to go on a roadtrip with your van or to settle down quietly in the city or in the countryside.

Yes, we have a lot of accessories to recharge! To be associated with a good international adapter (see below) or an "invertor" in your van to recharge all your equipment while driving.

It will be at the same time compact, and will ideally include USB outputs, useful to recharge everything today!

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5 - A portable speaker

Boose speaker

To accompany small aperitifs on the beach, card games with your new travel friends, or even fruit picking sessions under the hot Australian sun, a small portable speaker will be the essential accessory to spend a good (or less bad) time. There are hundreds of models available, of various quality and price.

The small Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is a model perfectly adapted to backpackers: ultra compact, but with a good power, a battery life of more than 13 hours, an almost indestructible construction and even the possibility to float (in addition to the waterproof side). In addition, the colors are rather nice! In short, it will suit the most adventurous as well as the most clumsy!

Less transportable, but with a sound level that's pretty crazy for their size, we also highly recommend the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 and Bose Soundlink Revolve speakers (of course, it's not the same price).

They are compact, and ideally shock and water resistant. And if the sound is good, it's still much better!

60 € to 200 € on average

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6 - A backup battery ( Powerbank )


To give a second or even third life to your laptop, iPad or any other electronic accessory, the portable battery is an accessory that can save you several times (while waiting for the phone call from your future employer for example).

They are widely democratized and the prices are now relatively attractive, you must take advantage of it!

A capacity of at least 12000 mAh (recharges 2-3 times a smartphone) and an output of at least 2 A (for charging speed and compatibility). Then select on size, weight, output types (usb, usb-c...) and options: waterproof, torch, etc.

10 € to 50 € on average

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7 - A meat bag ( Blanket)

nomadic blanket

Ok, its name is not really sexy. But this old camping accessory is just great : it allows you to raise the temperature of your comforter by a few degrees, to bring a little extra comfort, or to sleep in a more "reassuring" environment when the cleanliness of the sheets or comforters of your guesthouse seems doubtful.

Bag sheets can be made of cotton, silk, polyester or fleece. The silk or fleece ones are softer and bring a heat gain of 3°C to 6°C. The polyester ones are more elastic and more practical to evacuate humidity. The cotton ones are the most durable, but also heavier.

Between 10 € and 50 € depending on the material

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8- MUCO travel belt

Travel belt

In all our travels, we have never had a single problem of mugging or theft. But we have to be honest, it can happen...

To avoid losing everything, or even tempting thieves, these little belly pouches are super handy. You can put your money, wallet and other important papers in them. Then, it's the opposite of dad's fanny pack, you can hide it under your shirt or pants and that's it.

A good travel pouch will hold your passport, your credit card and some change. Check the dimensions. Other useful features: waterproofing and RFID coating (blocks waves for contactless withdrawals).

Around 20 €.

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