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History of bicycle:

Before the creation of today’s modern bicycle, there were several examples of simpler bicycle transport devices. It all started in the 16th century with the discovery of 1493 Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches, which included simple designs for the bicycle. That design was never produced into a working model and in the following four hundred years, horses were used for transport on a public road.

The German Baron Karl von Drais invented the modern bicycle during early 19th century. This velocipede named “Laufmaschine” consisted of two wheels that were held together with one central bar. Driver of that vehicle had to walk and run to gather the needed speed and then raise his legs and continue to cruise until his momentum faded.

Denis Johnson's son riding a velocipede, Lithograph 1819.

Better be agreed on were you want to go don't you think?

Smartly dressed couple seated on an 1886-model bicycle for two

Columbia penny farthing high wheel bicycle, late 19th c., 52'' front wheel.

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1888 A tricycle with inflated rubber tires built by John Boyd Dunlop, founder of the Dunlop Rubber Company.




"The Stearns Sextuplets" attempt to outride a train pulling four cars.


Victorian cyclists perform a balancing act on a penny-farthing.

Nothing sexier than a skinny woman on a fat bike.

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