Funeral capsule: a biodegradable coffin that becomes a tree.

The funeral capsule, a new kind of coffin that allows you to become a tree after your death! An ecological and poetic alternative to traditional burial.

At present, the coffin and cremation are the two official funeral techniques. Legislation obliges, the choice is quite limited. This was without counting on the idea of two Italian architects and their astonishing funeral capsules, biodegradable coffins that transform the deceased into trees! Back on this innovative concept whose inventors do not hope to remain at the stage of the prototype.

Becoming a tree after death

To give life after death, a poetic idea that germinated in the brains of two Italian architects, Raoul Bretzel and Anna Citelli, as a tribute to the planet, but also to their deceased relatives.

A way to continue to take care of one's deceased via a tree of life, to be maintained and seen growing daily.

Capsula Mundi permet de planter un arbre de plus. Planter des arbres côte à côte permettrait de créer une forêt au fil du temps. Les gens se promèneraient au coeur de cette forêt sacrée en souvenir de leurs proches.

The funeral capsule, or how to give life after death

The funeral capsule looks like a giant egg. Once the device is planted, a tree seed is planted at the top, drawing its resources from the remains of the deceased.

Made from corn starch, the Capsula Mundi, as Anna and Raoul have renamed it, holds the body of the deceased in a fetal position. A seed or a tree plant is then planted on the capsule, the species being defined when the person is still alive. The plant will then draw its vital resources from the buried body to grow. A beautiful way to "rise from the ashes", and to be part of the natural cycle.

A cemetery of trees instead of graves

In designing this kind of funeral device, the architects wanted to create a real sacred forest. In addition to sparing trees by ceasing to cut them down for their wood (especially for coffins), these vegetated cemeteries would also make it possible to act against concreteization.

Our goal: that the death of men may create new life rather than cutting down trees to bury coffins. We would no longer come to worship in front of a stone, but in front of a tree, in the heart of a sacred forest to be maintained and loved.

Have you ever heard of the funeral capsule, this biodegradable coffin that turns you into a tree? Would this type of funeral tempt you? Share your opinion in comments!

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