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Updated: May 29

Weird bicycle

The bike is one of the most popular means of transportation around the world, and when something reaches such great popularity, you can be sure that exotic variants are to be designed. These bikes are probably not the same as the one your friend has down the street! These are 10 strangest bikes in the world that will definitely turn heads!

These 15 rides may not be the fastest on the road, but you'd sure turn some heads along the way. That is, if you are even able to stay on the saddle.

1- Shoe Bike

Weird bicycle

Instead of tubes and tires, this bike comes with 12 high-performance sneakers arranged into two wheels. That’s one way to get your steps in.

2- Reuleux Triangle Bike

Phil Miller, a mechanical engineer who develops artificial hearts, designed this perfectly ride-able bike and took it for a spin around (where else?) Burning Man.

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3- Hydrofoil Bike

Like riding a bike, but on water. The 40-pound Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 does come with a motor for assistance handling any waves or wakes.

4- Scooter Bike

Weird bicycle

The Standup Varibike functions like a kick scooter, but also has a hand crank for working out your arms.

5- Fat Bike Ski

Weird bicycle

Fat bikes are great ways to ride on snow, but with a ski attachment you can hit the slopes in a completely new way.

6- The Longest Bike in the World

Weird bicycle

This astonishing 117-foot ( 35.66 meters) bicycle made it into the Guinness World Records in 2015. Naturally, it’s a Dutch invention.

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7- Howard’s Cyclery Split-Level Bike

Weird bicycle

The late Life photojournalist John Dominis caught this split-level tandem at a bicycle derby in an undated photo.

8- Two ways Bike

Weird bicycle

The Recycle, as the guys in Lygnens Vanner calls their creation, sure looks strange. I guess riding fender-less is not an option. A couple of barf bags for the rear rider on rolling twisting country roads is probably also a good idea.

9- Nilsson Uno-Wheel

Weird bicycle

Yes, it has only one wheel so technically it’s not a bicycle. But inventor Walter Nilsson made this pedal-powered experiment in the mid-1930s and took it on regular rides around L.A.

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10- Floating Bicycle

Weird bicycle

Perhaps frustrated by one too many delays at New York City's Penn Station, design exec Judah Schiller came up with an ideal way to get from New Jersey to Manhattan: a water bike. Schiller's bike-raft hybrid is a mountain bike attached to a frame that rests on two inflatable pontoons. A drive mechanism attached to the bike's rear frame transfers power from the rear wheel to a propeller attached to the front wheel. When the rider pedals, the propeller turns, keeping the bike moving at speeds up to 10 mph and also allowing full use of handlebar steering. The entire contraption can be set up in 15 minutes and broken down in 5, leaving riders with a road-ready bike and a backpack of full of accessories weighing less than 20 pounds. Schiller has pedaled his water bike across both the Hudson River and San Francisco Bay.

11- Tallest Bicycle

Weird bicycle

Feeling his 15-foot Stoopidtall bike just wasn't stupidly tall enough, L.A. cinematographer Richie Trimble created the Stoopidtaller. At a little more than 20 feet in height, it's considered the world's tallest bicycle. The bike is a 275-pound contraption made from a Monster beach cruiser, eight bicycle chains linked together, and two 36-inch wheels. Trimble built it in just four days.

12- Fastest Bicycle

Weird bicycle

In September 2013, former pro cyclist and "Flying Scotsman" Graeme Obree and his bicycle Beastie set the world speed record for fastest cyclist in a prone position, clocking in at 56.62 mph. Obree's speed cycle requires him to ride in a recumbent, head-forward, belly-down position and features rear levers that allow Obree to pedal horizontally after a push start. There's also a shoulder brace for rider stability. And because the bike can go nearly 60 mph, Obree encased the entire thing in a Kevlar and fiberglass shell to protect him from injury. It features a small window up front, and a snorkel for breathing.

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13- Fold able Bicycle

Weird bicycle

Want a bike you can slip into your suitcase? Created by Karsten Bettin, the Kwiggle has a hinge that allows it to fold down into a compact package, comes with 8-inch wheels, and weighs about 14 pounds. It's designed to be ridden standing up (though it includes a seat for stability) and can reach up to 15 mph. While it's currently a prototype, Bettin is hoping to make a multiple-gear model with either 8- or 14-inch wheels available to the public soon.

14- Ferrari Bicycle

Weird bicycle

It may look like a sports car, but the Fahrradi Farfalla FFX is actually a recumbent-style quad bicycle with an upscale exterior. Built in 2012, the aluminum-frame bike is made for one or two "drivers" (though it forgoes steering wheels for handlebars) and runs on human power. It boasts an 11-speed hub gearbox, 200 ultra-bright LEDs for evening cycling, and the coolest feature: a built-in butterfly mechanism that causes the wing doors to lightly flap while pedaling.

15- Flying Bicycle

Weird bicycle

British inventors John Foden and Yannick Read came up with a dream vehicle: a bicycle that can fly. The XploreAir Paravelo can reach up to 25 mph in the air (15 mph on the road) and up to 4000 feet in altitude. It consists of a two-wheeled folding bicycle made from aircraft-grade aluminum and a lightweight trailer that holds a powerful fan with a biofuel-powered 249cc motor, plus a flexible wing that doubles as a tent (for longer trips). An electric starter fires the motor and turns the fan, creating considerable thrust and—with a long enough runway—getting the Paravelo off the ground. It can stay airborne for up to 3 hours.

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