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Top 10 Things To Do And See In Cameron Highlands, Malaysia | Discover Evolution

Updated: Jun 17

A carpet of green visitors is welcome to Cameron Highlands. From tea plantations to strawberry farms, this hidden gem of Malaysia is definitely worth the winding bus ride through the mountains. Here are the 10 best things to see and do in Cameron Highlands.

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1- Staying in Tanah Rata

Cameron Highlands has a few different towns where visitors can stay during their stay that are all fairly close to each other. Tanah Rata is certainly the liveliest, but it is also home to the main bus station. This is where you'll find a market for fresh fruit, vegetables, and second-hand clothes on weekends.

It is also within walking distance of all the hiking trails that make the Highlands one of Malaysia's most famous trekking destinations. There's also a traveler's bar that serves beer bars and a wide variety of cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails, if you're looking for nightlife. Otherwise, expect to be in bed early and up early to enjoy all the major attractions and sites in Cameron Highlands.


2- Tea Plantation Tour

Emerald green tea plantations greet you as you make your way to Cameron Highlands. Parts of this area are at about 1600 meters above sea level, which makes it much easier to grow tea here. There are an abundance of tea rooms and plantations where visitors can make their way and enjoy a cup of this locally grown beverage, along with some incredible views.

Boh Tea Plantations in Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Valley Tea House sits atop of a beautiful plantation, with a dirt road winding from its quaint cafe into the emerald green fields. A kettle containing about four cups of Cameron Highlands tea with milk and sugar will cost you RM14.90. The tea house also sells an abundance of infused and fruit-flavored teas, such as lemonmint and honey-peach tea. There is also an adjacent gift and souvenir store, selling fruit, wind chimes, t-shirts, and more. Other tea plantations in the area include the Tea Factory and Shop, Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation and Boh Tea Plantations.


3- Hiking Trails & Tours

Cameron Highlands is home to many hiking trails, all within walking distance of Tanah Rata. One of the best trails to venture. When you start your climb at the foot of the mountain, you will encounter clay paths with little shade.

About 10 minutes into the climb, trees shade the entire path, making the trip both cool and enjoyable. The trail is covered with staircase-like branches, making it easy for hikers to find footholds and climb to the top. There are 13 different trails to choose from in the area, each with different levels of difficulty and sights along the way.

You will find a number of different mountains along these trails. These include, Gunung Purdah and Gunung Berembun. Be aware, however, that many of these trails are quite steep and require reliable hiking boots as well as a great deal of caution during your journey. It is also recommended that those who want to hike do so in groups rather than taking the trail solo.

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4- Cooking classes

The cooking classes in town offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Participants will learn to cook traditional Malay and Indian dishes. These classes are certainly less structured than those you might find in other Southeast Asian countries. In most cases, you are given different ingredients, told what to chop and stirred as needed. That being said, the food is delicious, and for about RM10, you might as well cook your own meal, a unique treat for travelers who have been away from a kitchen for a while.


5- Trek through the Mossy Forest

The Mossy Forest, located high in the Cameron Highlands, is a must-see destination. The trail is often engulfed in thick fog, and the cold temperatures make hikers feel like they are no longer in Southeast Asia. This forest is home to a wide range of strange and interesting flora, including the pitcher plant, a brightly colored carnivorous plant. The trail is both slippery and steep, and visitors are encouraged to explore this area on a guided tour rather than taking the trail themselves.

Most tours take visitors to this forest in a Land Rover or 4×4 Jeep. In addition to seeing the MossyForest, many of these tours include packages with a range of different activities included in the price. Some packages include a visit to an aboriginal village, a tea plantation and factory, a market place, a rose garden, bee farms or a Buddhist temple.

There are also tours that include pipe hunting (mostly demonstrations) as well as jungle trekking of up to three hours. Half-day tours start at RM50 and they usually start early in the morning and end around 1pm. Full day tours usually start around 8:45am and end at 6pm. Day tours are usually around RM100. Discover Camerons travel and tours is one such group that takes travelers into the forest. Their tours are informative and entertaining.

6- Go to a strawberry farm

Cameron Highlands is full of strawberry farms. Many of the strawberry seeds in the Cameron Highlands are imported from Holland. The strawberries are delicious and grow in this area year round. The taste of the local strawberry is both sweet and sour. You won't find strawberries growing anywhere else in Malaysia, as the weather in Cameron Highlands allows them to thrive rather than other parts of the country.

Visitors flock to these farms in hopes of devouring the juicy and delicious strawberries that are grown. Some of the strawberry fields in the Cameron Highlands include Healthy Strawberry Farm, Big Red Strawberry Farm and Raaju Hill Strawberry Farm. Many of these strawberry farms give away free samples as well as delicious strawberry juice and milkshakes.


7- Stroll through the lavender gardens

Lavender gardens are another of the great natural attractions of the Cameron Highlands, a wonderful place to come and breathe in the aromatic air and pretty purple views.

On a trip, you'll find beautiful landscaped gardens that are separated by walkways which means you can walk through the lavender fields and admire their beauty up close.