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Top 10 things to do in Cameron Highlands | Discover Evolution

Updated: Jun 17

With a land area encompassing 71,000 hectares within the cool and pristine natural air, Cameron Highlands is one of the top tourist destinations in Malaysia. There are so much you can do here, you will need to come back for more if you are to see everything Cameron Highlands has to offer. Here are 10 things you can do, for a start.

1. Tour the Boh Tea Plantation

The Boh Tea Company was founded in 1929 and is one of the most famous brands of tea in Malaysia.

As such, one of the highlights of a trip to the Cameron Highlands is the chance to visit the source at the Boh Tea Plantation where you can enjoy the lush green terraces and learn how the tea is harvested and grown.

There is also a delightful tea shop here where you can sample some of the signature brews for yourself and also pick up a few packets as a souvenir of your trip here.

The vistas across the plantation here are simply stunning and this is one of the best places to check out the scenery that the Cameron Highlands is so famous for.

2- Climb Mount Brinchang

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One of the main peaks in the Cameron Highlands is Mount Brinchang and the main way to get to the top is to take a drive along a winding mountain road which is as hair-raising as it is exciting.

Once you get to the summit of the mountain you will find an observation tower where you can enjoy the gorgeous scenery and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Some of the sights to look out for include the lush valleys covered in tea plantations as well as forest lands filled with wild flowers.

The mountain stands at a height of 6,666 feet above sea level and also has the claim to fame of being the highest parts of Malaysia that is accessed by cable car.

There is also the possibility of trekking to the summit through the forest if you are feeling active.

3- Strawberries Farm

Raaju’s Hill Strawberry Farm is known for having some of the juiciest strawberries in the Cameron Highlands.

One of the reasons for this is that the farm is strategically located in a misty valley, but whatever the reason, this is one of the best places to pick strawberries in town.

This is a great activity, especially for anyone who is travelling with children and you can pick half a kilo of strawberries that you can then take home and savor.

If you prefer to just admire the strawberry fields but still want to sample some of the delicious fruit, then you can visit the onsite cafe where you can enjoy a full English cream tea with strawberry jam as well as their signature strawberry juice.

4- Go jungle trekking

Gunung Jasar: Ask details at the Bricks Hostel

Anyone who is interested in the flora and fauna of the Cameron Highlands needs to get out and about to experience it firsthand, and there is no better way to do this than by trekking through the lush jungles that abound here.

There are jungle tracks all over the region that will take you up forested hills and down into sweeping valleys and there is also the chance to enjoy mist topped mountains and scenic waterfalls.

One of the best things about the trails here is that they are well maintained and are given a classification from 1-10 depending on their difficulty so you know what you are letting yourself in for before you start.

5- Wander around the Lavender Gardens

Another one of the big natural highlights of the Cameron Highlands is the Lavender Gardens which is a wonderful place to come to take in the aromatic air and the pretty purple vistas.

On a trip here you will find gorgeous landscaped gardens that are bisected with walkways which means that you can walk through the lavender fields and check out their beauty up close.

As you would expect, the flowers attract a range of insects and there is a bee history gallery here as well as a cafe where you can relax with a drink and take in the views.

6- Check out the Mossy Forest

As the name suggest, the Mossy Forest is an area known for its moss, lichen, and gorgeous ferns.

It is also one of the highest points of the Cameron Highlands and you can expect to see trees here that tower to a height of up to 10 meters.

The plants thrive here thanks to the low lying mist that blankets the area and you can observe lush green vistas as far as the eye can see.

To get to the forest you can walk along a handy boardwalk that stretches for two kilometers through the greenery and starts at the main road in the Cameron Highlands and takes you all the way up to the summit of Mount Brinchang.

7- Time Tunnel Museum

One of the arguably most interesting museums you can find in Malaysia can be found in Cameron Highlands. The Time Tunnel Museum pays homage to local culture and bygone times through over 1,000 artefacts, photographs and memorabilia.

The best part is that it’s interactive as much as it is educational. You are welcome to pose with the props as you order a drink in an old kopitiam, run your grandmother’s kitchen, or ride a vintage motorcycle.

8- Butterfly Farm

The Butterfly Farm is one of the oldest and most popular attractions in Cameron Highlands. Its living collection of butterflies flutter around a landscaped garden filled with flowers and greenery, while beetles and other exotic insects are also exhibited in the enclosure. It’s a good place to put on your list if you have children.

9- Visit Sam Poh Temple

Located in Brinchang, Sam Poh Temple is the largest Buddhist temple complex on the highlands. It is as peaceful as the hill it rests upon, flaunting an intricately-designed architecture, dragon statues and hand-painted ceramic tiles. Entrance into Sam Poh Temple is free

10- Get into local life at a night market